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We work as a team at SLG to design and offer the best possible products. What we manufacture is carefully thought out and tested to the extreme in our own vehicles. When you buy from us you can trust you are buying products that won't let you down. All of our products are designed and built in the USA by professional engineers who have worked for OEM manufacturers and Space-X...only to leave to make parts for you because it's what we love to do!


      We only use aerospace grade materials, such as 6061 aluminum stock and ARP hardware for our dual caliper brackets. If you have any questions about the function or design of our products, or want something made for your application, feel free to shoot us a message! 

The Head Honchos

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Mike Pagano


  • Ex-Test Engineer at FCA

  • Racing since age eleven

  • Factory driver in karting 

  • SCCA licensed driver

  • FSAE program leader

  • Just Sends it!


Chris Smith


  • Ex Engine Calibrator at Stellantis

  • Designed powertrain and engine systems for next generation 2021-25 Dodge Challenger, Charger and Maserati Ghibli vehicles

  • Extreme capabilities using CAD software 

  • Thinks before sending it!

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Kyle Whitman

Shop Tech

  • Associates Degree: Automotive Technology @ Southern Maine CC

  • 5 years experience as FCA dealer technician with a Diesel focus

  • Tire Tech for 2 years

  • Asphalt Circle Track racing background but love all things racing 

  • Men's ice league champion -22'


Shaun Tait

Wiring Systems

  • GM Dyno Engineer​

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