Dual Clutch Transmission Solutions

Never has integrating a modern 7-speed DCT into your vehicle been so straightforward. Get the best of both a manual and automatic transmission, shifts measured in milliseconds, more fun and faster lap times all in one economical package. Expensive and high-maintenance sequential and dog box transmissions are now a solution of the past. The future is here: Aftermarket DCT control. 

Important Features:

  • Selectable manual or automatic shift control

  • Selectable manual or automatic clutch control (even for leaving from a stop)

  • Can modulate the clutch with any 0-5v input for burnouts, clutch kicks, etc. 

  • More clutch holding capability than stock ECU limits allow

  • Digital gear indicator and temp sensor included

  • Minimal inputs required (RPM, TPS, CPS are minimum)

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