A great setup for all 1-Series vehicles still using OEM, or pairing with upgraded struts. The Eibach Sport-Pro-Plus kit is a perfect step on the way to total suspension dominance. The kit improves turn-in response, increases cornering speed and reduces body roll. Includes Springs, Sway Bars, and associated bushings.


Sport-Pro-Plus kits are designed by the Eibach team of suspension engineers and ride control experts to offer the best-possible street performance. The Pro-Plus Kit is a precisely balanced combination of sport springs, bump-stops (secondary springs) and sway bars designed and tuned to operate as a performance suspension system.


1 Series Lowering: Front Lowering: 1.2in/Rear Lowering: 1.2in

3 Series Lowering: Front Lowering: 1.2in/Rear Lowering: .8in

Eibach Sport-Pro-Plus Kit