8x Relay Center

This Relay Center is the cleanest and most robust method to control your essential electrical components on your street, drift or race car. It provides you with 8 relay controlled circuits with 21 feet of wire to reach each of the 8 outputs. Today's race cars require control of components without the danger of flyback or voltage spikes that commonly cause aftermarket electronics to fail. 


The most simple, well thought out, and easy to install electrical centers on the market. 8x 30amp relay output and fuse hubs via one simple power cord and 8 simple to implement ground triggers. Outputs can be combined for larger loads. For example combining two of the outputs gives you a 60amp rating. All outputs are controlled via a ground trigger. So just run the wire to whatever switch you want, and then to a ground. Whenever you switch connects to ground it will energize the output. 


All lightweight TXL wiring is included, and the system is protected with an in-line 200AMP MIDI FUSE. All 8 individual output circuits are protected with 30AMP LED SMART FUSES that light up in the event when a fuse is blown, simplifying diagnostics. The relay center uses Diode Suppressed Relays to eliminate those dangerous, voltage spikes and will give you the peace of mind that your race car will perform exactly as you designed it to.