ASD Handbrakes

ASD Handbrakes

In our opinion, one of the most high-end hydro handbrakes around. Available in three configurations. All include a 5/8" reservior master cylinder to integrate perfectly with our dual caliper kits. 


Isn’t one of the most important things in drifting a high-performing and reliable e-brake?


ASD custom designed and built its hydro e-brake systems from the best materials possible to provide the maximum performance in the harsh demanding environment of professional drifting competition – as a bonus ASD’s form following function design also happens to look bad-ass too!


This is the same e-brake used in all ASD’s race cars competing and winning global drift events including Formula D, Word Drift Series and King of Europe. 


Features include:

  • Free Shipping, as always
  • 15” e-brake handle, CNC machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Quality Wilwood master cylinder
  • 6061 red anodized FK bearing heim joint
  • Aircraft grade hardware
  • Complete E-brake assembly weighs less than 2.3 lbs.
  • WARNING: installation of ASD’s e-brake will make the driver grin continuously
    E-Brake Style