DW Fuel Filter

When you boost your car or start using E85 and other types of racing fuels, the factory filter cannot keep up with the flow. In some cases, the filter element can even get broken down by the E85 or race fuel and then go clog up your injectors. The best way to avoid this is to use a stainless-mesh filter like this one! Filtering down particles to the 10 micron size, this filter is as good or better than your factory filter and will not get clogged or broken down by E85 or race fuel. Another awesome feature of this filter is its second stage of filtration which features a magnet to capture metallic particles regardless of size, such as the fuel pump wear particles. Even better, you'll never have to replace it! Just disassemble and clean it. 


Comes with bracketry which makes mounting it in places like under car, in the engine bay, or in the trans tunnel a snap. -10AN ORB in and out, 110mm length