BMW E46 Tablet Mount Bracket Surface 3

E46 Surface 3 Tablet Mount

An awesome addition to the SLG line! This tablet mount allows you to mount a Surface 3 tablet (others can be made to fit on request) to the dash extremely securely.


This is an amazing replacment for a head unit, allowing you to run the radio off the lightweight tablet, along with show live gauges, tune on the fly, or just enjoy a large screen for whatever you like. 


It screws into the factory Radio and HVAC panel bracket. To retain the HVAC system we relocate the HVAC panel to sunglass holder below, where it fits without issue. 


The contruction is extremely durable, solid, and does not flex, squeek or rattle. 


There is a hole that allows cable to be discreetly run from the tablet into the dash.