HTG Gearbox Control Unit

HTG Gearbox Control Unit

Free mount and USB cable with every purchase, 85$ Value


THE most advanced Automatic and Dual Clutch transmission controller on the market and our choice for BMW DCT projects. Made with the best hardware available and paired with industry leading software; the GCU is a perfect fit for both professional and hobby applications.


The HTG GCU is a fully standalone solution and takes control over the entire transmission operation. It uses all of the original onboard sensors and valve solenoids, unlike competitors, for maximum driveability and torque control. There are both sequential (manual) and auto modes available that can be selected at any time. Be sporty and aggressive on track, but still be comfy and tamed while driving home. It's all possible with the same unit.


Supports two CAN channels to integrate seamlessly into factory vehicles and use either factory BMW shifters or simple motorsport paddles/sequential shifters. 


Clutch-by-wire or Virtual Clutch allows the user to connect a switch or potentiometer and assign it as a clutch position override. It means that whenever the clutch pedal or button is depressed the user takes full control on it's operation. This allows the user to perform clutch kicks, burnouts and more which have never been possible before!


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