Upgraded M52TU/M54 Oil Pump & Tensioner

Upgraded M52TU/M54 Oil Pump & Tensioner

Available per piece, or as an entire kit.

The PRD oil pump & tensioner kit is the only true solution on the market for the M54 oil pump failure epidemic. Contrary to popular belief, the true reason it is so common for M54 engines to end up either spinning the oil pump nut off the pump shaft or completely breaking the shaft is not engine harmonics, It is chain slack whipping back and forth at high rpm's. This abuses the oil pump, sprockets and shaft. BMW did not use a tensioner, as they did in their race engines, to save costs over the course of millions of M54 engine builds. The common solution is a oil pump shaft upgrade, which we offer, however, to fully bulletproof your engine and fight against oil pump failure, chipped sprockets and chain wear, add the chain tensioner.

The PRD chain tensionser is the only product of it's kind for this application, and uses a polymer tensioner against the chain, stopping the chain slack from damaging the oiling system during high rpm's. The tensioner is a tested a piece which is produced and used on other OEM vehicles, and repurposed to be used in this application.

The reconditioned oil pump comes with an upgraded pump shaft, similar to the GSR upgraded pump ($399 alone!), that uses 4 bolts to attach the sprocket. It also features a beefed up shaft design, along with using a stronger material to take all the abuse you can dish out.

Every base is covered in this kit, so your investment is finally safe! No core needed, so no core charges either!

When both items are selected, the complete kit includes:
Reconditioned oil pump with upgraded shaft (4-bolt design)
Drilled oil pump sprocket
Oil pump chain tensioner
Template to drill and tap tensioner mounting hole