Dual Clutch transmission swap kits and components

Transmission Solutions

With the power of the HTG Gearbox Control Unit and our hardware expertise you can now swap just about any Automatic or Dual Clutch Transmission into your vehicle. This exciting technology is changing the world of street and track cars alike. Simply put, 50ms shifts can not be touched by anyone driving a manual. BMW 7 speed, Porsche PDK, ZF 8 speed (8HP), DSG, and many more packages are supported. Get the speed of a sequential with much more reliability and reduced cost/maintenance. Packages can be integrated like OEM, like a professional race car would, or anything in-between.  

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The Best of Both Worlds

With new-age control of transmissions we can offer the best of both Auto/DCT and conventional manual transmission driving experiences. The HTG controller can be configured to change from a strictly manual shifting mode, to an "auto" mode with the flip of a switch. Other exciting features include, but are not limited to: Configurable launch control, electronic trans-brake, electronic torque converter control, clutch by wire, two CAN channels, and even a wheel speed output for vehicles without wheel speed sensors. 

Shift inputs can be configured in an almost infinite amount of ways including using the OEM shifters, paddle shifters, CAN keypads, buttons, sequential style shifters, and more. All can be combined to create the driving experience you were dreaming about. 

Clutch by Wire is also extremely awesome. By installing a 0-5v sensor on the factory clutch pedal, using a electronic throttle pedal as a clutch, or just a button on the steering wheel we can control the "virtual clutch" feature for burnouts, clutch kicks, or just because! The GCU can "slip" the transmission from 0-100% just like a traditional clutch. This feature adds an entirely new dimension to automatic and DCT transmissions that has never been available before. 

HTG Gearbox Control Unit GCU for sale. Transmission swap components


The HTG GCU (Gearbox Control Unit) is the "brain" of this operation and can control the transmission in a completely variable closed loop state. By constantly monitoring both engine and transmission sensor values the GCU can complete either the fastest or smoothest shift possible based on a number of factors like map settings, pedal position, and more. I.e. if you are on it hard it will complete an extremely fast shift, and if you are cruising it will shift smoothly.