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Billet BMW Outer Axle Stubs

Billet BMW Outer Axle Stubs

Includes a pair of stubs with axle nuts.


Heat treated and e-coated billet steel. One-piece 300M construction featuring a bolt pattern for the legendary Porsche 930 type CV used widely throughout motorsports. ABS rings available for E36/46 applications.A true motosport grade product for the toughest environments such as drifting and drag racing. 



  • ABS Trigger Wheel when applicable
  • Normal 6 point nut instead of the terrible 1,000,000 point BMW axle nuts
  • Porsche 930 CV bolt pattern (94mm)
  • Direct Bolt-In Fit and Finish
  • Aircraft Grade Certified Alloys
  • CNC-Machined from Billet Steel
  • Black e-coat Finish


Exotic Stub Upgrade:

These new stubs from Gforce are made of an even stronger material than the 300M material used in the standard axles. The outer stub goes through a tremendous shock load during launch and can be damaged by wheel hop. This upgr