Billet BMW DCT Pans

They're finally here- Our billet DCT pans, and they are loaded with features! 


Our flagship pan, the "Big Momma", is a piece of art built from billet 6061 aluminum. It is CNC'd and designed in the USA. It will also come anodized gold like many of our other products! The prototype shown is just normal bare aluminum. The anodizing helps stop any possible corrosion, and looks amazing! 


Overall height of the "Big Momma" is 2.0" compared to the OEM pan which is 1.25" at its deepest point. Holds 3000mL of fluid compared to stock opan which holds 1150mL. 


The "Big Momma" pan is full of the following features:

  • Reusable Viton O-Ring gasket. No more leaks or expensive OEM gasket replacements!
  • Proper drain plug with magnet
  • Super-large capacity pan, 2.25" deep, for more capacity and heat capacity
  • Huge cooling fins both inside and out for maximum heat dissipation
  • Large fins inside the pan to act as a pan baffle to reduce aeration during hard braking, acceleration and cornering
  • Threaded boles in the bottom so you can screw in hardware and slide the transmission on the ground without damaging the pan
  • 3 different bosses of proper thickness to tap and thread to suit any ports or temp sensors required


The "Mini-Me" Pan we offer is very close to the same size as the OEM pan, for maximum ground clearance. This is great for small cars with the DCT swap. Still features the Viton O-Ring and instead of colling fins, features a bullnose finish for increased surface area inside and out for increased cooling capacity without decreasing ground clearance. Holds 1500mL of fluids compares to 1150mL in the factory pan, all without going past the 1.25" depth. 

    Pan Size