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About Our 330ci Time-Attack Car

A little about of BMW 330ci Time-Attack car. Its a 2002 that has been in the family since 2013. It was originally Mike's daily driver through college, and was undefeated in Auto-X while competing in Central Florida SCCA group. It was also completed a lot of track days, using just upgraded shocks and pads, among other small mods. Its seen plenty of road miles, often driving from New York to Florida and back many times.

Here it is during its Auto-X days

After a year of living in Detroit and still using it as a daily, even with the turbo, it finally had its duties replaced the tow truck, an 07 Expedition. Since then it is still a "Street" car, but spends most of its time in the garage, out late at night, and at the track. The stock motor took 19psi of boost on e85 without issue, but with 135k miles on it we decided it was ready to be replaced. So, we built an entirely forged race engine as a replacement. For more info on how to build something similar, check out its build thread here :

Here it is, in its most recent build video.

And here it is during the summer of 2016

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