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M50/M52/M54 Oil Pump Chain Tensioner DIY

Follow along as we use the parts we offer to successfully install the oil pump chain tensioner onto the engine. There are two templates, one for M54, and one for M50/M52, but the process is the same. Please use template as a general guide, surprisingly enough the measurements don't need to be super exact and the spring is often slightly different tensioner to tensioner. Follow along as we get it on!

Step One

Remove front cover of engine to access the engine block. Please note in the picture I have a girdle installed. Don't be alarmed, you don't need this. It is only for achieving very high revs.

Step Two

Hold the template against the block to mark the main bolt location with a sharpie. Then use a punch to make it easier to drill.

Step Three

Drill hole using provided bit. Go all the way through the block.

Step Four

Tap Hole using provided tap. Use some oil, it makes life easier.

Step Five

Hold up template again to mark spring position. This will be approximate and we will want to dial it in during the next step.

Step Six

Install the tensioner into the block a few threads. Swing the spring arm down to near the spot you just marked. Mark a new spot that lines up well with the spring arm, this hole will have the spring arm in it to retain tension.

Step Seven

Remove tensioner, punch your new mark and drill a hole for the spring arm. I like to use a smaller drill bit.

Step Eight

Clean the block and chain of drill shaving well, make sure to spray out the holes you drilled. Leave the included washers on the tensioner, and remove the retainment nut. These washers space the tensioner out accordingly.

Step Nine

Install the tensioner into the block. Torque to 13nm. Loctite recommended.

Step Ten

Re-assemble engine and enjoy less gray hairs knowing your chain isn't slapping around.

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