m54 valve cover catch can fitting

M54 Valve Cover Fittings

Struggling to get rid of your old CCV fittings from the cam cover whilst switching over to a catch can system? This is the solution you’re looking for.


With three tight-fitting lifetime warranty o-rings and a CNC-machined billet aluminium fitting there is finally a way to get rid of the aweful oem connector and install some nice mtorosport grade hoses.


There are currently two choices of fitting: A barbed end designed to fit straight onto AN12 push-lock hose (17.5mm or 11/16” hose) or a AN10 male fitting .


Please note: This item is designed to be a tight fit in order to not come loose without a clip. Make sure to clean out all oil and carbon deposits from the inside of the cam cover before fitting this unit to avoid stress of the plastic and possible cracking.


Fits all M52TU and M54 plastic valve covers

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