135i caliper brembo on BMW e46 E36

135i Brembo Caliper Adapters

In our eyes, this is the most capable budget-big-brake kit you can put together. We have competed at some of the most famed tracks across the USA and never run out of brakes. The massive 6 piston/single piece Brembo calipers are a fantastically designed caliper that is comparable with many motorsport application brake kits. 


Designed and manufactured in the USA, this kit has unmatched quality; nobody should not be confident in their pedal. 

  • Fits M3 vehicles using factory rotors 
  • Non-M Vehicles use E46 330 rotors
  • Anodized for protection
  • Precision milled from billet aerospace grade aluminum 


The 135i calipers are readily available from junkyards, car-part.com, and eBay. They are also sold as replacements on all the normal new BMW parts websites.


We believe piston issues spoken about online are unrelated to the 135 caliper. Many online say the factory pistons ceramic cap fracture. It is really due to brake duct issues common on the 135i, and using oem pads on the track. We recommend replacement pistons only if it is a truly track dedicated car that experiences extended sessions. These are available for the best cost through Rock Auto. Aftermarket 135i replacement pistons do not have the ceramic pad which fractures under extreme heat. These are much much cheaper than buying a "racing" branded piston that does the same thing. 


Brake Bias is almost unchanged with this kit. 

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