RPM Signal Converter

RPM Signal Converter

This module allows you to configure an RPM output as needed on a car that does not have the CAN data avaialble for the GCU to read from the ECU. For example, an engine with a distributor or very simple ECU. 


A lot of the digital tachometer gauges in the market expect to see a stable 5v pulse signal that some vehicles just don’t have to tap into. On most modern petrol EFI vehicles 1985 and up RPM can be taken from the vehicles ECU, and a stable 5v square wave pulse can be found on the ECU’s in a couple of places, like a dedicated RPM pin, or the ignitor firing pin for example.


But with for example older non EFI petrol vehicles, diesels, or anything that doesn’t have ECU driven EFI system, getting this signal may not be possible. Even if the vehicle has a tacho in the stock dash cluster, the signal coming from it may not be stable and gives erratic reads on aftermarket gauges.


Well for those customers we have these perfect little black box which allow you to pull RPM from almost any source, be it COP, distributors, crank angle sensors, and even alternators, these powerful and versatile little tachometer adapters can allow you to pull a tacho signal from almost anywhere on your engine and convert the source signal to a stable 5v or 12v square wave pulse that digital tachos like our multi gauge systems can understand.


These Tach Adapters aren’t just your normal little tachometer pickup, they can be configured in many ways to pull from many different sources, have adjustable ratios, filtering and more. If you have an older vehicle where getting a 5v or 12v square wave pulse for tacho is just not an option, these little adapters are the perfect solution to your problem.