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Let's not kid ourselves, building a reliable and competitive car is no easy task. It takes organization, planning and experience to complete it on time and without compromise. 

Let us take point so you can enjoy yourself and not focus on the stress. From track prep/support to driver coaching and data analysis, we can help you get the most out of your vehicle and self. Driving is like any other sport; your focus needs to be on the task at hand, driving fast, not checking tires and brake fluid. When drivers are not focused on the details on-track they make mistakes. Mistakes throw wins away. The smaller the details you can focus on, the faster you will go and the more rewarding your track experience will be. 

Racing a turbo E46 Time Attack car at GridLife

Track Prep & Support

Whether you're going to the track for your first time, or going for the championship win, we can make sure you are prepared.

Driver Coaching

Whether you are just starting out or going for those last few tenths, data can be the key to improving quickly. A professional vehicle data engineer with over 14 years of racing experience, Mike can help you get the most out of your car.

Mike Pagano winning
Seems LEgit Garage custom Machining


Need something made? We have the know-how and facilities to get it done! If we don't, we have contacts in the industry who we can trust to make it happen. Give us a ring with your needs!

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