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We are the Official Wiring Partner and US Distributor for HTG Electronics


With the power of the HTG GCU and IO CAN you can now swap just about any modern Automatic or Dual Clutch Transmission into your vehicle. This exciting technology is changing the world of street and track cars alike. Simply put, these seamless shifts can not be touched by anyone driving a manual. BMW 7 speed, 10R80/10L80, Porsche PDK, ZF 8 speed (8HP), DSG, and many more packages are supported. Get out of the stone ages and put a modern transmission in your car. Packages can be integrated like OEM, like a professional race car would, or anything in-between.  Awesome features such are Trans Brake and Virtual Clutch are ready for deployment. 

For an in depth comparison of the GCU and IO CAN look HERE

HTG Gearbox Control Unit GCU for sale. Transmission swap components


The highest performance North/South OEM gearbox available, bar none. The DCT can handle over 1200 ft/lbs of torque with just upgraded clutches, and over 750 with stock clutches when used with HTG control. We have logged shifts as fast as 25ms on these transmissions. They are right at home in track applications. 

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One of the easiest to integrate transmission is the 8HP, and it comes with extreme performance. Available in a variety of versions from many vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Dodge, Jeep, Maserati, Jaguar, and more. These transmissions are the most efficient automatic on the roads today and have very little parasitic loss. Torque converter lockup is solid at low RPMS and the car does not drive like it has a slushbox. HTG control further enhances this amazing transmissions capabilities. Available in versions to hold anywhere from 150-1500HP. 



Bringing dual clutch performance to FWD and mid engine applications. The DSG is very similar tot he BMW DCT and also made by Getrag. This transmission is famous from the VW track crowd, and has many drag racing records to its name.  



Porsche knows what they are doing and the PDK is a perfect example of getting as close to perfection as far as transmissions go. These come in both a Transaxle and North/South versions. They are quite durable and require no internal modification to be used with HTG. A super cool swap for wild track builds or a resto-mod 911.  

porsche pdk.jpg


A Joint-Venture between Ford and GM produced this amazing 10 speed beast. Available in numerous configurations. These transmissions can be applied from anything between rock crawlers and race cars. This is the only modern automatic that can hold a candle to the 8HP. No internal modification is needed for GCU control of this transmission which is a nice bonus. 

Seems Legit Garage driver Micah Diaz drifting his BMW E46 at Formula Drift
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