135i/335i Transmission Adapter

135i/335i Transmission Adapter

Lightweight billet aluminum adapter to adapt your 135i /335i transmission to a proper 1-Piece driveshaft yoke. A great way to get rid of the terrible guibo! Works on the manual, automatic and DCT models. Yoke adapters are drilled for larger and stronger 7/16 yoke bolts, all hardware included. Weighs just 12.6 ounces to keep rotational mass low and is dynamically balanced using software during design. 


  • Tapered bolt hole flanges that provide a snug fit into the output flange
  • This design assists in relieving stress off the bolts
  • Includes the best hardware you can buy


Works with the SPICER 1350: # 3-2-119 or equivalent yokes


*Perfect for engine swaps, or for using a custom one piece drive shaft*


    Add 1350 Yoke