BMW E46 Ford 8.8 Differential

E46/Ford 8.8 Subframe & Axle Kit

The ultimate drivetrain for the ultimate driving machione! 


  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom TIG welded subframe
  • Powdercoated: Black or White, or Gold Zinc Coated
  • Aluminum front subframe bushing caps
  • Aluminum output flange seal adapters
  • Billet 31 spline Ford 8.8 inner axle stubs
  • Billet outer stubs with ABS rings
  • Axles with lifetime warranty
  • Diff mounting hardware


Install Instructions: Link



Like so many of you, we wondered why BMW differential components and service costs are so high. We got tired of paying over $1000 to change a gear ratio or over $3000 to have a proper upgraded limited-slip unit installed into a non-M or M3 differential. Even after numerous diff upgrades, we could not get the 188mm diff to survive a Motorsport environment. The M3 setup still breaks axles with hard launches, has notorious output flange issues and the factory viscous M-Variable diff basically turns into an open diff during hot track sessions. We just wanted a "legit" setup that we wouldn't have to worry about ever again!


We designed an OEM subframe replacement to accommodate a Ford 8.8 differential from a 06 to 10' Ford Explorer into the BMW E46 chassis (All Models). It was designed by professional engineers with CAD software and models of both the chassis and differential to achieve the perfect fit. The Ford 8.8 is a legendary differential, way ahead of its time. It is lighter than the M3 differential by almost 15 pounds, yet much stronger. It doesn’t have straight cut gears; and as a result is very quiet, unlike the Winters Quick-Change differential. It can take over 1000hp without flinching. A huge selection of gear ratios are readily available for the 8.8 and at just a fraction of the cost of comparable BMW parts. Rebuild kits cost under $100. Compare this to hundreds for just BMW bearings! Limited Slip Differential center carriers come in at a fraction of the cost without the “BMW Tax” as well. Many are under $500, and there are many choices of type and application. Setting up these differentials is very easy compared to a BMW unit. In a weekend you can build your indestructible dream tire-burner, or buy one from us! 


Differential Listing


All in all, the Ford 8.8 is stronger, lighter and much more cost effective than the BMW differentials. This kit also gets rid of all of the factory weak points, the axles and the OEM two-piece driveshaft. It is the ultimate drivetrain solution! 


The steel subframe is laser cut, TIG welded, and matched to factory tolerances. It is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Our subframe uses identical mounting points for all suspension pick-up points as the factory subframe. You can use any E46 subframe bushings you prefer, as it retains complete OEM fitment. Requires M3 style sway bar. The subframe uses the diff as a stressed member to take advantage of the strength of the large cast aluminum Ford 8.8 case.


  • Factory fit
  • OEM suspension/pickup points
  • Uses normal bushings
  • Comes with aluminum differential bushing



To be certain the power makes it to the ground, we created an axle package that is as indestructible as the Ford 8.8. First, we designed a billet steel, heat treated and e-coated outer stub to replace the weak M3/330 units. Next we tested and produced an ABS trigger wheel which makes everything perform like factory. Then, we created axles to match using upgraded 108mm CV joints. These axles are guaranteed for life! Also included is a billet inner stub that slides into any 31 spline Ford 8.8 differential.


Machined from proprietary aerospace billet alloy, the axles feature an upgraded 31-spline axle bar and 31-spline billet CV joints. The additional splines offer more spline engagement and allow for larger diameter axle bars: Creating unparalleled strength.In addition to more spline engagement the billet machined 31-spline CV’s provide more travel and increased operating angle than OEM CV joints. They also provide a significant increase in wear characteristics and durability over standard 108mm CV’s commonly found in axle upgrades. Follow the video link to watch how to install seals and axle stubs into your Ford 8.8 Video Link


  • ABS Trigger wheel
  • Anti-Wheel Hop Technology
  • Direct Bolt-In Fit and Finish
  • 31 Spline Severe-Duty CV’s
  • 1-Piece Inner and Outer Stubs
  • Aircraft Grade Certified Alloys
  • CNC-Machined
  • Powder Coated Axles for Corrosion Protection
  • Black e-coat finish on inner and outer stubs to protect against harsh conditions without impeding spline engagement


Optional “Outlaw” Axle upgrade: The Outlaw CV maintains a 108mm design but features an upgraded alloy on the billet machined internals. Each CV also receive an isotropic surface finish for a mirror like polish. The surface finishing provides smoother operation for the CV joint which dramatically reduces heat, premature wear and aides in grease migration. In addition, each Outlaw axle uses premium ARP fasteners for the industry’s strongest CV axle bolts.


Lead time is usually 2 weeks. Please email us with any driveshaft or differential requirements, as we can have a one made for your project by our partners. We understand our big-power customers have many different engine and transmission configurations, so we have each of these custom made. Costs is around 800$

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  • Install Instructions

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