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E82/E9X Ford 8.8 Kit

Finally, a COMPLETE kit to swap a Ford 8.8 into a BMW E82/E9x chassis!

This kit makes it simple and includes everything you need to install one of the most durable and customizable differentials available into your 135i, 335i or M3. This kit is a great option to get rid of the terrible open differentials that come standard in the 135i/335i and the lousy M-Variable differential in the E9X M3. No more one-wheel peels! You'll be able to light up both tires like a proper hoon with this kit. This system is right at home drifting, drag racing or road racing.


Designed by a professional OEM driveline engineer, this kit keeps the pinion in the original OEM position in the vehicle (unlike other kits) and takes into account proper driveline angles to provide a vibration free driveline. It also uses unequal length axles to reduce axle hop during hard launches. 


We have vehicles in the field with over 1000hp competing in all different types of motorsport without any issues. We have had zero axle failures with our billet inner/outer stubbed axle package, unlike the competition who re-use the factory outer CV. It can be done cheaper, but this package is the best you can buy. 



  • Gold-Zinc Coated Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Aluminum Diff Bushings (Optional, but recommended. These go in the Ford diff, not the OEM subframe diff mounts so you dont have "double bushings")
  • Lifetime Warranty for axles and bracket system


If you would like to order a complete kit, please also add a driveshaft and differential to your cart using the links below. 

Driveshaft Link     Differential Link


Install Instructions: Link


Why a Ford 8.8 Swap?

Don't bother installing expensive limited slip differentials into your BMW differential, they are expensive for what you get and still don't fix any of the OEM weak points! This kit will save you thousands in the long run when you consider you get: The use of a limited slip differential that is stronger and locks harder than BMW options, upgraded axles that can withstand massive power, and the ability to pair one of our one-piece driveshaft for the ultimate drivetrain package that will never let you down. No matter how powerful your build becomes or how you use it, this kit can handle it. 



The kit accepts any 2006 to 2010 Ford Explorer IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) 8.8" differential. You can source it yourself or visit our separate listing to purchase one of our custom differentials which are all built to order. The Ford 8.8 differential is famous for being way ahead of its time in terms of design. It is light weight, about 15lbs less than the iron BMW M differentials. It's aftermarket parts selection is also massive, a huge contrast to the few options available for BMW differentials. It's the most popular differential to swap into a variety of cars for good reason. A huge selection of gears, limited slip gear carriers and rebuild kits are available from all the popular sources like Summit Racing, JEGS and even your local parts store...oh wait, and us! This Explorer style differential uses an aluminum housing with two forward mounting points and a very strong oem rear cover with built in mounting points which makes it perfect for swaps.


Note: Depending on your ride height and/or if have an aftermarket or M3 rear sway bar, you may need adjustable sway bar links such as these to clear the alrger and much stronger outer CV that we use: Link Or, you can drill a second hole in the sway bar to raise it to clear the larger axle CV. this also is a cheap and easy mod that effectively stiffens the sway bar slightly, which is good thing for handling. All for 0$! This is also the best way to clear small drag racing wheels. 



Our axles use a billet, heat treated and e-coated inner and outer stubs unlike all of our competitors who re-use the factory outer CV assembly. We assume this is because producing such a billet component is a huge investment. We wanted to completely eliminate the factory weak points, so we made the leap and now offer the most advanced axle kit on the market. Our axles have no problems taking 1000hp+ hits on the street, strip or track.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Axle Shafts
  • Billet Inner and Outer Stubs
  • Axle Seals and Seal Adapters


Watch how to install the included seal kit and adjust stub height by clicking the link HERE


Want even more performance? Our upgraded "Outlaw" units are the ultimate axles on the market and feature an upgraded alloy in the billet internals. Each CV also receives an isotropic surface finish for a mirror-like result. The surface finishing provides smoother operation for the CV joint which dramatically reduces friction, heat and premature wear while aiding in grease migration. In addition, each Outlaw axle uses premium ARP fasteners for the industry’s strongest axle assembly. 


4th Mounting Point Upgrade:

Planning on a wild build? Our brackets usually bolt to the three original differential mounting points, which allows you to upgrade your standard bushings to whatever you like such as poly or aluminum. However, if you have a 135i or 335i that is going to output a huge amount of torque, consider our 4th mounting point upgrade. It includes an aluminum bushing that inserts into an existing hole in the subframe and attaches to our bracket. This allows you to bolt up every corner of the differential for the ultimate setup. 

Note: Not compatible with M3 subframes

Aluminum Diff Bushings:

Our bushings are CNC cut from 6061 aluminum and will last a lifetime. We suggest either running aluminum diff bushings and/or aluminum front subframe bushings. If they are both factory rubber it introduces excessive differential deflection. When installing, use a press and do not hammer in.

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  • Install Instructions

    Follow thi sLink for PDF: Link

Axles (Lifetime Warranty)
4th Diff Mount Kit
Aluminum Diff Bushings