E36 catch can kit

Ultimate E36 Catch Can Kit

This is the Rolex of catch can kits for the E36. No cost is spared; it is a truly professional setup that is right at home on any race or drift car. This it can be used on any M50, M52 or S52 engine that has the metal valve cover. If yours does not have the metal valve cover, they are interchangeable and are available from early models very cheaply on eBay. 


This kit comes with everything needed to install the catch can system from start to finish, including the drill bit, tap and professional quality Vibrant Performance hose, fittings and catch can. Nothing is rebranded (laser engraved) alibaba part BS here! 


The Standard Kit Includes:

  • Swivel Bulkhead -10 AN Fittings, nuts, and drill bit to install into the valve cover
  • Special rubber/stainless steel sealing washers for the bulkhead fittings
  • Valve cover side plug and tap to install into the valve cover
  • 2x -10AN 90* elbows to attach to the catch can
  • 10ft Vibrant Performance black -10AN hose
  • Vibrant Performance catch can, with filter venting to atmosphere


The Exhaust Venturi Model is similar, but includes:

  • 10 more feet of hose
  • Two exhuast venturi 
  • 2x 180* -10AN hose end fittings to go on the catch can to the venturi
  • 2x straight -10AN hose end fittings
  • 4 Port Vibrant Performance catch can

This kit version uses exhaust flow to draw vacuum from the catch can/valve cover


This kit requires drilling into the top of your valve cover, as it vents from the original baffled area of the valve cover, and plugs original vent exit. Please note, the nuts cannot fall into the engine even if they vibrate off (they have never done this when installed with loctite) as they cover plate retains them. The OEM vent exit is notorious for getting in the way of aftermarket fuel rails and does not flow well. This kit fixes that issue and lets your engine breathe freely. Tap included to thread the vent exit for the supplied plug. 


All in all. The best you can buy. 

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